Digital Delivery

DCP24 Laboratory is pleased to present the innovative delivery method of digital content to the theatres — DCP24 Digital Delivery System. The system is based on hard and software solutions considering the conditions and realities of cinema market in Russia.

Principle of work:

How it works

Advanced set

Professional solution for digital film delivery.

The film is delivered to the cinema via satellites or terrestrial transmitters.

The set includes the film storage server (up to 10 films) and the control system.

Films, trailers and digital keys are delivered right to the projection room. For the theatre it considerably saves means on the film receiving and excludes expenses on returns of hard drives to the distributors.
  • Saving of time for the managers.
  • No transport costs for HDD returns anymore.

Benefits for theatres

  • All work on receiving, checking and uploading a digital content (films, trailers and digital keys) to the playback servers can be managed by the projectionists if they work with the easy to use equipment from DCP24 Laboratory.
  • No need for the manager of the theatre to download trailers, get the keys by post and hand them over to the projectionist. Now the process is fully automated — the projectionist can independently access all the materials.
  • Digital delivery with DCP24 Laboratory excludes any expenses for returning the films back to the distributor!

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