About DCP24 Laboratory

DCP24 Laboratory delivers various services for the cinema providers like receiving of films, mastering, copying, delivering film copies and producing KDM. Also we support film releases, offer distribution services, convert films, trailers and commercial video of Digital Cinema format.

Formed in December 2009, DCP24 Laboratory rapidly justified its position as an innovative laboratory of digital film mastering in Russia. Electronic operation system that runs the production was developed by the Laboratory and through this system the process of film production became easier and now any possible troubles are excluded. It brings to the rights holders the opportunity to challenge their approach to the production process. With the remote access tools our partners always get the latest news and can take part in the procedure.

With the hard and software operation facilities, which are unique for Russia, the Laboratory carries out the work faster but still keeping the exceptional quality. These facilities include the list of cinema-theatres, KDM generators, copy and film delivery inspections. Preparation films for different servers and projectors and state of work at every step can be supervised through the private technical aids. All mentioned measures let us offer you the services of superior quality.

In our work we use equipment from such market leaders as Doremi, Dolby, Christie. Premium business management system and continuous operation helped us to gain confidence of the biggest market players. Central Partnership, Kaskad, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Releasing, Paradise and many other companies entrusted their releases to us. Copyrights protection measures of the Laboratory correspond to all the requirements of the international standards like MPPA, CDSA and Russian Anti-Piracy Organisation, RAPO.

DCP24 Laboratory

Digital Full Service Laboratory

Nowadays there are plenty of laboratories offer their services of digital mastering. But unfortunately quite often we are asked to rescue some projects just before being released. Our homelike laboratory of 300 square meters holds all the neccessary facilities to guarantee a qualitative release.

The outstanding for Russia control and quality management system that we use in the Laboratory guarantees a consistant approach to the client's content. From the very moment we receive content and during the mastering, checking the results in our own screening room, creating a master copy, copying and to the delivering to the theatres, the whole process is controlled both with the internal control system and by our managers.

Professional equipment developed at the Laboratory allows us to perform tasks that vary in complexity.

United database of cinema-theatres

United database of cinema-theatres is the unique service on Russian market. Thoroughly gathered and structured technical information on Russian market of digital installations provides the answers to any concerned question: Where is the equipment installed? What type of? By whom? When?

Through a comprehensive way of gathering information on the new equipment has been installed we update the database daily, while our partners have online access to it and can use it at work no matter where in the world they are.

  • Online accessable installation manuals on digital equipment in Russia and CIS countries;
  • Online statistics and analytics;
  • Market monitoring;
  • Analytics on particular characteristics;
  • Certificates for playback servers;
  • And much more.

The database was created in autumn 2010. Now it's being updated according to the analyzed results of information we receive from the distributors, integrators and cinema-theatres. With the constant monitoring of various sources and work of a special support team the database keeps its unicity.

Opportunities the united database of cinema-theatres give

Immediate and twenty-four-hour access to data on Russian market of digital cinemas. History. Analytics. Market reviews.

Personal booking system for the independent distributors that largely cuts time to produce a digital key and turns the proccess of releasing into the easy task.

And much more.